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Ranch Kids and Homeschooling

For those of you who have read past posts, you have probably gathered the facts that we live on a ranch, there are six kids in our family, and we homeschool.  The last three posts have been on the ranch, so this post is going to be on homeschooling.

When my older brother ( who is the oldest kid in our family), became old enough to start school, my parents felt led to homeschool.  So, that’s what they did, and now eleven years later, mom is teaching five of us six kids (tenth grade down to kindergarten).  I love it! I can’t see our family doing it any other way.  It works great, especially with us living on a ranch.  Doing schooling this way, we can go to roundup, or help trail cows down from the mountains (Go to Fall Ranching to learn more about roundup and trailing cows).  Mom and dad strongly believe in the fact that we not only learn by studying out of a book, but also by experiencing life.  But, that doesn’t mean we get out of doing textbooks.  Yes, we still have to do math, grammar, history, science, and all subjects that all other kids have to do.  My parents realize that we not only need to experience life, but that we also need a good education! There is no way a person could live a good, productive life in this world today without a good education.

We have five days a week of school, Mon-Fri.  We start at eight every morning,  beginning with Bible time.  What is Bible time? Bible time entails Bible reading, devotions, and prayer time.  It’s a good way to start out the day.  After Bible, we all head off to start our school.  Kindergarten through 8th grade is mostly done with pen/pencil and paper.  When we hit high school, more time is spent on the computer.  Well, that’s all for now!  God Bless! 🙂





Hi! I am a ranch girl who lives in southwestern MT. This blog tells about all of our adventures and stories on the ranch!

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