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Trust and Horses (Part 2)

In my last post (Trust and Horses Part 1) I talked about us losing our mare, Susan. I also told all my readers that we were headed to get two other horses this last weekend.  On Saturday Dad, T (my younger sister), and I headed on our eight-hour drive to pick up the two horses.  We got to my aunt and uncle’s late that night.  The next morning, my uncle took us out to ride the horses.  There were two geldings, a red roan named Twister, and Skipper is black with some white on him.  They were super fun to ride! Twister is full of energy and ready to go whenever you are.  Skipper is more laid back and goes along for the ride, but he also has get up and go.  They’re both very nice horses.

After trying them out, we loaded the horses in the trailer and said good-bye to our aunt, uncle, and cousins.  We got home late Sunday night.  The horses were really ready to get out of the trailer after a long day of traveling.  The next day, after school, we rode them around the ranch.  Colt (my older brother, who is fifteen) rode Skipper,  T rode Twister, Dad rode one of his mares (Boone) and I rode Dunny (one of our ranch horses).  They did very well!

As I look back on these past few weeks, I can see where the Lord used the circumstances to teach me that he was in control of EVERYTHING, big or small.  I can see where I’ve learned to trust Him more, not just in the big things like losing a horse and needing a new one in a matter of weeks, but also in the little everyday things of life. Okay, so here I am back on trust.  You guys probably think I will never get off that topic.  But that’s not all I want to mention; I also want to mention that God provides.  When we prayed for ONE horse (Notice I just said one), He provided us with two! A double blessing!  Not only will I get to go to roundup, but so will T.  I’m not saying that we get everything we WANT, but God will provide us with everything we NEED.  Yes, just because we think we need something, doesn’t mean God thinks we need that exact thing.  But, that’s good; God knows what’s best! Why? Because if you think about it, God knows the overall picture.  He can see in the past, present, and future; we can only see in the past and present.  He knows every word we have said and we will say.  It also says in the Bible that God knows how many hairs are on our heads!  Now, if you really think about it, that’s pretty amazing!  If God cares about you that much, I know He is a God worth trusting in! Here I am back to trust, but hey, that word has meant a lot to me these last few weeks!  If you are still in doubt about this, or a little confused, I will tell you how dad has explained it to us, just to try to help clear the clouds.  Think about two sailors, one has had a lot of experience and has sailed for many years.  He has been through countless storms and struggles on the sea.  The second sailor is on his first voyage, never been out to sea and has had no experience whatsoever.  Now, you have to pick which one you are going to trust and get on the boat with, to take you to your destination. I don’t know about you, but it wouldn’t take me long to choose the first sailor, the one who has sailed for many years and had lots of experience.  If you haven’t all ready figured out, God is the first sailor, the one who is experienced. Did that help clear the clouds?  Maybe you are still a little hesitant; it’s hard to take our whole life and hand it over to the Lord.  But, trust me, you will never regret it!  I have to admit there is still areas in my life that I’m still trying to give to the Lord.

Here are some pics of our new horses that I promised you in the last post. God Bless!


IMG_3827 Skipper (age-12)

IMG_3850 Twister (age-11)

IMG_3831 As you can see, Skipper has three white socks… Two on the back and one on the right front.

IMG_3853    IMG_3833

IMG_3860 Colt on Skipper

IMG_3864 T on Twister



Hi! I am a ranch girl who lives in southwestern MT. This blog tells about all of our adventures and stories on the ranch!

11 thoughts on “Trust and Horses (Part 2)

  1. Britt, great job! I TRUST “u” will have a great day and a wonderful time on the roundup and with your new horses. See you soon. Love grandpa Rolo

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  2. Hi Britt. Grandma Coco sent me a link to your blog. I remember your love for writing and have really missed watching it develop. It was great to read about your trust and enthusiasm in living your life in faith. God bless you honey. Loved your pictures too!

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    1. Thanks Elaine, I just want to let you know that all that time you took to listen to me read my stories, and all the encouragement you gave me was a HUGE blessing! Thank you!


  3. I LOVE the pictures Britt and also reading about how you left it all in the Lord’s hands!! It is such a blessing for us to know that Skipper & Twister have such a wonderful home and are so loved!
    ~Aunt Heather


  4. Brittni

    Horses #2 gives me a lot to think about today. Your natural style of writing as though you are conversing with a friend is very engaging and welcoming to read. This is a wonderful forum for sharing ranch life and faith. Thanks for the words of inspiration and hope.

    Susie Jarman

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