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Calving Adventures 1

Hello everybody!  I’m going to tell you all about an adventure that we had this last Thursday night, or very early Friday morning.  As you could tell from my last post, First Calf of the Yearthe heifers have begun to calve.  You also know from the post, Heifer Trouble ,that dad just got eleven new heifers and he was having some problems with one of them.  (Learn more about this heifer by clicking here).

Grandpa and dad take turns watching the heifers through the night until the night calver takes over watching the cows in February.

Well, dad’s heifer, from the post Heifer Trouble, decided to calve Thursday night.  What I failed to mention in that post was that this particular heifer happens to be very small.  And, the poor heifer just couldn’t calve.  Grandpa called the vet, not sure if they were going to have to do a cesarean to get the calf out.  Mom woke T and I up around 12:00 am to see if we wanted to go watch.  We jumped out of bed and ran up to the barn.  The vet, grandpa, and dad were already there.  The vet checked out the heifer and decided that they could probably get the calf out without doing a cesarean.  He first started off by giving the cow a shot of Lidocain in her tail head.  This caused the heifer to stop contracting, making it easier for him to get the calf out.  It took both the vet and dad, but they were able to get the calf out of the heifer.  Sadly, the calf hadn’t made it through the whole ordeal.

When all was said and done, the vet gave the heifer one more injection called Oxydocen. This helped the uterus to shrink back up.  With that done, the vet headed for home.  T and I went with dad and grandpa to check the heifers one more time before heading home.

I thought that it was a great adventure.  But, I don’t think dad and grandpa thought so.  They had to get up the next morning for work, and the heifers still had to be watched through the night.  I think I hopped back into bed close to 1:00 am that morning.




Hi! I am a ranch girl who lives in southwestern MT. This blog tells about all of our adventures and stories on the ranch!

9 thoughts on “Calving Adventures 1

  1. We had something almost exactly like that happen once! Too bad the calf didn’t make it….but at least the Vet was able to get it out! Does sound like QUITE the adventure!!! We got to bring Gadget home from pasture today! 😀 😀 XD XD 🙂 😀 😉 Cool!

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