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4-H Steers On Pellets

Monday, grandpa was in town, so he picked up some bags of steer pellets for me and Colton’s steers in Rocky Mountain Supply.  Rocky Mountain Supply is a nearby supply store were we get all our 4-h animals their feed.

Colton and I feed our steers a pellet called Payback Champion  Pellets.  This pellet is carried by a company called CHS.

We use a pelleted feed because it carries all the necessary ingredients for a balanced ration, along with our ranch grown grass hay.

We put them on a balanced diet to increase their daily gain.  We are going to get them gaining about 2.5 lb a day.  Doing this, we will be able to get them to about 1350-1370 lb. by fair.

Another very necessary thing for our steers is to make sure they have clean, fresh water.




Payback made a new bag for the steer pellets that I think looks really cool, so I took a picture of one of the bags.


Here is what the pen looks like that our steers are in.


To the left is the water hole.


Here is the barn cat, “Tiger,” who loves to come over and see me when I feed steers.




And of course, our steers. 🙂


I’m sorry, I didn’t realize how blurry these pictures were until I put them on the computer.  But, the calf in the middle looking up at the camera is Colton’s, the one on the right is mine, and the one on the left is our buddy.

Thanks everybody for taking the time to look, and see you all later!




Hi! I am a ranch girl who lives in southwestern MT. This blog tells about all of our adventures and stories on the ranch!

5 thoughts on “4-H Steers On Pellets

  1. I think your blog is very interesting. Between the pictures and your descriptions, one can really gain insight into the way of life in your part of the country. Also, the information is very informative with the descriptions of the diseases, calve birthing, and other aspects of life on your ranch. I enjoyed reading!

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