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God’s Amazing Creation


The other day, I watched as a heifer gave birth to her calf.  She got up and immediately begin to lick the new little calf.  Dad and T also watched.

“Isn’t it amazing that she does that?” said dad.

I was a little puzzled.  He quickly explained, “This is the first calf she’s ever had, and she knows exactly how to take care of that calf.  No one gave her lessons on how to clean it up and let it get some milk.  God made her so that her instincts kick in exactly when she needs them.”

He was right!   I never had really thought about it like that before.  I guess  I was just so used to seeing the whole routine.

We went and put the cow in a pen with her new calf.  Just a few minutes after being born, the new calf was standing up and searching for milk.  The same went for the calf, I realized, as I watched it.  How does the calf know where to look for milk and how to suck from the cow’s teats?

It is their instinct that God created.  Stuff like watching a cow take care of her calf for the first time, or a calf standing up in just a few minutes of being born and finding milk, shows the amazing God that I get to serve!  How can you deny that there is a God when you look at his amazing creation!  Not just with the cow and her calf, but with things like the mountains, rivers, lakes, and stars.  His whole creation show the amazing creativity of our God!



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Night Calving

Hey everybody!  Today I’m going to talk a little bit about night calving and show you some pictures!  If you are wondering what I exactly mean by night calving,then wait no longer because I will quickly explain.  Grandpa does most of the cow checking down in the Calving Pasture (that’s what we call the field where the cows are getting ready to calve) during the day.  In fact, during calving season, he basically lives down there… watching cows, tagging new calves, feeding the motherless calves that we get every so often, and anything else that needs done.

So that grandpa and dad could get some sleep during the calving season,they hired a night calver, who starts work at 9:00 pm every night,and goes until 6:00 am the next morning.  And, my older brother Colton’s job is to do the cow checking from 6:00 pm at night until the night calver comes at 9:00 pm.  Make sense?

Okay, so for the last week,our friend, Jacelyn, has been here.  She and I have been going with Colton during his shift of watching cows.  So, I will show you some pictures Jacelyn and I took last night while checking cows.  Now, on to the pictures!


The night started out with feeding two calves without mothers.  Both of them were from a set of twins.



And, there’s always the selfie you have to take. 🙂  (Jacelyn on right, and me on left)


You could probably figure Colton’s personality by looking at this photo.  🙂


Jacelyn posing,and Colton giving her bunny ears.  The clipboard in her hand is what Colton uses to write down all the cows’ tag numbers who calve on his shift.  This way, grandpa can keep record of what cow calves, and when.


A quick picture for memory’s sake. 🙂


Here are a few pictures I took while checking cows.  It was just getting dark.

Thanks, Jacelyn, for letting me use your Ipod for these pictures!  Go check Jacelyn’s blog out, Blog On Paper .

Thanks for taking a look!

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Thursday Skiing

Hey everybody!  You are probably wondering about the title of this post.  For six weeks, (every Thursday) at the beginning of the year, we go skiing at our nearby ski hill.  The ski hill (Maverick), has a home school program where we can go skiing and get lessons for a really good price.  Lessons are in the morning at 10:00 am, and they go until 12:00 pm.  After lessons, we have lunch, and then we get to ski until 4:00 pm, when the ski hill closes.  Yesterday was our last day of skiing for the year. 😦

Here are some pictures that T, dad and our friend, Jacelyn,took.


Here is some of our group.  🙂  Yeah, there’s lots of us.  (By: Jacelyn)

(By: Jacelyn)



This is a picture that T took that I thought was really cool.  It is our friend, Dayton, jumping.



Top Left: Me and Dad                       Top Right: T and Dad             Bottom: Mom and Dad



Yeah, this is how much Levi likes getting his picture taken.  😉  (Picture by: Dad)



All of the kids waiting for lessons to begin.   (Picture by: Jacelyn)



T catching a little air.   (Picture by: Dad)



Dad took this picture of Stran snowboarding while on the ski lift.



T and Mom. 🙂

Thanks for taking a look!  Have a great day!


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A New Baby!

Hi everybody!  Today I’m going to show you some pictures of a calf being born!  It’s actually quite amazing to see!


This is the very beginning.  Only the water bag is out at this point and time.



In this photo if you look closely you will see the front feet coming out.  I think at this point and time the nose of the calf was also there.



You can’t really tell with the water bag in the way, but in this picture the calf is about halfway out.  Everything goes by pretty slowly until the head comes out.  Than after that everything seems to go faster.  We waited probably around an hour to get to this point.  After the head was out it probably took only ten to fifteen minutes.



The heifer started licking the calf off to clean him up.  Showing signs of being a good mother cow. 🙂


Next, dad put the calf in a sled to take him and the heifer to a pen.  The good mother followed right behind.


Here is the calf in his pen.  The Heifer and her calf will head out to pasture sometime in the next few days.