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Thursday Skiing

Hey everybody!  You are probably wondering about the title of this post.  For six weeks, (every Thursday) at the beginning of the year, we go skiing at our nearby ski hill.  The ski hill (Maverick), has a home school program where we can go skiing and get lessons for a really good price.  Lessons are in the morning at 10:00 am, and they go until 12:00 pm.  After lessons, we have lunch, and then we get to ski until 4:00 pm, when the ski hill closes.  Yesterday was our last day of skiing for the year. 😦

Here are some pictures that T, dad and our friend, Jacelyn,took.


Here is some of our group.  🙂  Yeah, there’s lots of us.  (By: Jacelyn)

(By: Jacelyn)



This is a picture that T took that I thought was really cool.  It is our friend, Dayton, jumping.



Top Left: Me and Dad                       Top Right: T and Dad             Bottom: Mom and Dad



Yeah, this is how much Levi likes getting his picture taken.  😉  (Picture by: Dad)



All of the kids waiting for lessons to begin.   (Picture by: Jacelyn)



T catching a little air.   (Picture by: Dad)



Dad took this picture of Stran snowboarding while on the ski lift.



T and Mom. 🙂

Thanks for taking a look!  Have a great day!




Hi! I am a ranch girl who lives in southwestern MT. This blog tells about all of our adventures and stories on the ranch!

10 thoughts on “Thursday Skiing

  1. That fourth picture is really cool!
    I would love to learn how to ski–it looks like it would be pretty fun. But we don’t have anywhere near the right conditions here 😉

    I hope you had fun 🙂


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