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Night Calving

Hey everybody!  Today I’m going to talk a little bit about night calving and show you some pictures!  If you are wondering what I exactly mean by night calving,then wait no longer because I will quickly explain.  Grandpa does most of the cow checking down in the Calving Pasture (that’s what we call the field where the cows are getting ready to calve) during the day.  In fact, during calving season, he basically lives down there… watching cows, tagging new calves, feeding the motherless calves that we get every so often, and anything else that needs done.

So that grandpa and dad could get some sleep during the calving season,they hired a night calver, who starts work at 9:00 pm every night,and goes until 6:00 am the next morning.  And, my older brother Colton’s job is to do the cow checking from 6:00 pm at night until the night calver comes at 9:00 pm.  Make sense?

Okay, so for the last week,our friend, Jacelyn, has been here.  She and I have been going with Colton during his shift of watching cows.  So, I will show you some pictures Jacelyn and I took last night while checking cows.  Now, on to the pictures!


The night started out with feeding two calves without mothers.  Both of them were from a set of twins.



And, there’s always the selfie you have to take. 🙂  (Jacelyn on right, and me on left)


You could probably figure Colton’s personality by looking at this photo.  🙂


Jacelyn posing,and Colton giving her bunny ears.  The clipboard in her hand is what Colton uses to write down all the cows’ tag numbers who calve on his shift.  This way, grandpa can keep record of what cow calves, and when.


A quick picture for memory’s sake. 🙂


Here are a few pictures I took while checking cows.  It was just getting dark.

Thanks, Jacelyn, for letting me use your Ipod for these pictures!  Go check Jacelyn’s blog out, Blog On Paper .

Thanks for taking a look!



Hi! I am a ranch girl who lives in southwestern MT. This blog tells about all of our adventures and stories on the ranch!

9 thoughts on “Night Calving

  1. Awwww! That makes ME want to have calves again!!! They’re so cute! I loved the pictures! When we bottle feed calves for the first time it’s always hard! XD 😀 Our calves are part Hereford, so they are ADORABLE!!! 😀 I had a calf named Mia, she had an amazing story!! 😀 She was born on a negative degree morning in the winter, and my dad went outside, and saw her laying there on the ground, her mamma hadn’t licked her off, so she was all wet still too. Daddy thought she was dead! He picked her up, and felt in her mouth though, and her tongue was warm! So he brought her in the barn and covered her in hay, and then ended up making her a tiny pen and tube feeding her, and she became mine after we realized that she would live, and then she got so healthy, and I would bottle feed her, and then she got big, and I could RIDE her!!! 😀 And then, sadly, I sold her…but I think she went to a good place, and I’m glad that I was able to have the experience of owning a calf! 😀
    Is Colton your ….brother? That was a funny picture of him with the bottle! I’ve done that before! We would warm up milk, and I think once I actually started sucking on it, then realized that we don’t usually wash them …just rinse them! XD 😛 😉 XD I just loved this post! I hope YOU liked this long comment!!! 😀 I always love it when people give ME long comments, and I felt like today would be a good day to give someone else one of those! I think it’s great that you live on a ranch and raise calves and stuff!!! 😀 We use our horses and dogs to gather cattle for people, it’s SO MUCH FUN!!! Do you do that!? It looks like you have BEAUTIFUL scenery!!! 😀 (I think I’ve already told you this before! XD )
    P.S. I got to pet on Gadget (my bay horse) last night, and he was SO sweet! I love petting on him! He’s an amazing horse! I love him a lot! Do you have a horse of your own!?


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