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God’s Amazing Creation


The other day, I watched as a heifer gave birth to her calf.  She got up and immediately begin to lick the new little calf.  Dad and T also watched.

“Isn’t it amazing that she does that?” said dad.

I was a little puzzled.  He quickly explained, “This is the first calf she’s ever had, and she knows exactly how to take care of that calf.  No one gave her lessons on how to clean it up and let it get some milk.  God made her so that her instincts kick in exactly when she needs them.”

He was right!   I never had really thought about it like that before.  I guess  I was just so used to seeing the whole routine.

We went and put the cow in a pen with her new calf.  Just a few minutes after being born, the new calf was standing up and searching for milk.  The same went for the calf, I realized, as I watched it.  How does the calf know where to look for milk and how to suck from the cow’s teats?

It is their instinct that God created.  Stuff like watching a cow take care of her calf for the first time, or a calf standing up in just a few minutes of being born and finding milk, shows the amazing God that I get to serve!  How can you deny that there is a God when you look at his amazing creation!  Not just with the cow and her calf, but with things like the mountains, rivers, lakes, and stars.  His whole creation show the amazing creativity of our God!





Hi! I am a ranch girl who lives in southwestern MT. This blog tells about all of our adventures and stories on the ranch!

4 thoughts on “God’s Amazing Creation

  1. Yes, that is so true!!! Just like with horses too!! When the babies are born, they look for milk…sometimes they look in the wrong spots, XD , but they look!!! And When sea turtles (I know that sea turtles are very different from calves, but…), when they hatch, they have the instinct to go to the ocean!! how would they know which direction the ocean was?! How would they know that!!?? Because they have instinct that tells them to go toward the light of the ocean…where the moon reflects, I think! It’s amazing how smart God made all of the animals!!!!! 😀 🙂 😉 😀 He is an awesome God!!!!!!!!

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  2. Yeah, I’ve has a couple people tell me how blessed I should be to get to live where I do. So, it made me think more about everything and that’s how this blog post came about 🙂


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