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Q&A Time!!

Hey guys!! So today I decided to do a Q&A post.  Now, for you guys who don’t know what that is, Q&A is just a short way of saying, “question and answer.”  So, basically I’m giving anybody the chance to ask any questions they have about Ranch Life.  For instance, if there is  a question about past posts, I would be happy to answer them!  Or if there’s something you want to know about ask away!  I would also like all your guys’ input on what you would like to see in future blog posts.  What would you like to know more about?  I would really like all your input!!  

All questions will be answered in a blog post sometime in the next few weeks.

If you have a question, just simply ask in comments below.

Also, I was going to remind everybody that I do have a page called Questions if you ever do have any questions at any time.  Just simply go to menu, and you should be able to click on the Questions page.

Thanks everybody!


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A New Colt!

Hey everybody!  I have been slow at putting this post up, but our mare Sammy had her foal last week!  She had a colt!  Everyone was super excited.  He hasn’t been named yet but I will let you know when he is.  ūüôā

Here’s some pictures!!


Thanks for taking a look!


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Checking Cows on Horseback

Now that we are getting quite a few calves, dad is starting to check them on horseback every morning.  A few mornings ago, T, Jacelyn, and I went with dad to check cows.

It was a beautiful day and really windy (at least what I consider windy).  But, even if it was windy, it was a great day.

We saddled our horses, and after doing a few other chores, we headed out.  The first field were the first calvers.

We went riding through the cows and calves and checked for anything that looked like it wasn’t feeling good. ¬†Dad found one calf that looked like it was sick. ¬†He roped it and doctored it with LA 300 and chalked it with cow chalk, just so it will be easier to keep an eye on the calf for the next few days. ¬†He also decided to tube the calf because it looked like it was a little dehydrated. ¬†Because dad didn’t have any of the tubing stuff with him, he tied up the calf. ¬†After looking through the rest of the calves, he would come back with things to tube the calf. ¬†Tubing the calf would just help the calf not get dehydrated and help him feel better.

We rode through two other fields and everything seemed to be fine,  so we headed back to the barn and unsaddled our horses.  Dad, Jacelyn, and I headed back and tubed the calf.

calf tuber

This is what a calf tuber looks like. ¬†The contents go in the bottle and the tube goes down the throat of the calf. ¬†This way, all the fluids get into the calf’s stomach and helps hydrate him.

Here are some pictures of us riding…


T on Cowboy


Jacelyn on Twister


Dad on Boone

( T and dad switched horses halfway through the ride because Cowboy was acting up)


Pictures of dad doctoring the calf….


Dad roping


Good catch!





The green marks on the calf are the cow chalk.  Dad puts that on just to help keep an eye on the calf for the next few days.

paint stick

This is what the calf chalk looks like.

And I think that’s all. ¬†Thanks for taking a look. ūüôā










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Vaccinating Replacement Heifers

Hi guys! ¬†Today’s topic is vaccinating replacement heifers. ¬†(Replacement heifers are, our one year old’s who will start having calves next year).

We gave each calf two shots. ¬†One was called Redwater and the other was Vista 3 vl5sq. ¬†Both are Given Subcutaneously. ¬†Subcutaneous is a way of giving a shot. ¬†It’s just a fancy way of saying that the shot will be given under the skin. ¬†Two other ways of giving a shot are Intramuscular (which is straight into the muscle) and IV or Intravenous ( which is into the blood stream). ¬†T and I gave the shots.

Another thing that was given to the heifers is a pour on called Ivermectin.  You just pour it on their back and it will soak in.  Ivermectin kills internal parasites, lice, mites and horn flies.  Jacelyn had this job.

Here’s some pics!

 Jacelyn is ready to go!

Tierra is too!

 I gave one of the shots and got to run the hydraulic chute a little bit!  It was great!

 Dad filling up one of the vaccine guns.

Jacelyn giving the Invermectin.

Dad running the chute.

Colton and Deacon where in the back keeping cows coming in. ¬†But I didn’t get any photos. ūüė¶

And, that’s all! ¬†Thanks for taking a look!