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Sorting Pairs

Hey everybody!  Sorry that this post is coming out a little late, but here it is!

Today I’m going to talk about sorting pairs.  The calving pasture can get pretty full of calves, so in the heat of calving we have to sort out pairs about every three to four days.

What is sorting pairs?  (Pairs- a cow and her calf make a complete pair).

Sorting pairs is basically just when we take all the cows and sort out the cow and calf pairs.  We let these pairs into another field.  This way, the calving pasture can just stay cleaned out, making it easier for the night calver to keep track of cows still needing to calve, and Grandpa, who tags the new calves everyday.


When we get a bunch of cows into the pen, dad will sort out the pairs from the rest of the cows.


Grandpa runs the gate (you can see it in the background), letting only the pairs out.



Tierra and Jacelyn enjoying themselves!


Chasing cows.


Bringing cows to the pen.


Jacelyn took this picture, and I thought it was really cool!



Colton chasing cows


Blaze enjoying the day, as always!

Thanks for taking a look!  Have a great day!




Hi! I am a ranch girl who lives in southwestern MT. This blog tells about all of our adventures and stories on the ranch!

13 thoughts on “Sorting Pairs

  1. Those were neat/great pictures!!! 🙂 🙂 Awww!!! Blaze is SO cute!! Once someone got a border collie from me and named it Blaze! 😉 😛 We got to move cattle today! It was tons of fun, but FREEZING weather for it! :/ BRRRR!!! 😛 P XD XD How old is Blaze? We only brought one dog to help move the cattle today! 😉 Frog was his name! He’s my dog’s daddy! 😛 🙂 I loved this post! SO cool!!! 🙂 🙂 Calves are so cute TOO!!! 🙂


      1. Yes it is SO amazing!! 😀 Escpecially Border Collies! 😉 Maybe that’s cause they’re the smartest dogs in the world! 😀 Gotta go!


  2. Looks like lots of fun, Britt! 😀 (I like the four-wheeler, too, haha!) Do you enjoy pairing? 🙂
    Haha, the baby calves look wobbly! xD
    Those mountains are so beautiful. I love seeing the photos!
    God bless!


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