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It’s Snowing!!

Hey everybody!  It started snowing yesterday afternoon, and today when I woke up it was still snowing a little bit.  It’s a real heavy and wet, wet, wet snow.  Here are some pictures I took!

This picture was taken up by the shop.  Just to the right is the barn.

And this is on the other side of the barn.

That’s what it looks like at our place right now. 🙂

What’s your weather like?

Thanks for taking a look!  Have a great day!





Hi! I am a ranch girl who lives in southwestern MT. This blog tells about all of our adventures and stories on the ranch!

24 thoughts on “It’s Snowing!!

      1. Yes, it’s very green in the area I live in… I just looked at a map and Montana isn’t as far away as I thought. It’s only across Idaho. For some reason I thought it was like 5 states away.

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      2. 😀 I honestly haven’t traveled very much so far in my life, so I don’t think I’ve ever been very far east. Or south for that matter.


      1. XD haha! 🙂 Yup!!! 😛 That’s so weird! I was sweating when I came in from outside today!!! 😮 🙂 Where as, when you came in, you were probably in a coat, and cold! XD 😛

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      2. 😉 OK! 😀 Neat! I mean, not ‘neat’, I guesss……yeah. XD 😛 🙂 I took Aggie (my dog) on a walk through our trees!!! It was lots of fun!!! 😀 😛

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  1. This is so hilarious to be reading right now because tomorrow it’s supposed to be almost 70 degrees here. LOL!
    The snow looks super pretty! Enjoy it while it lasts! 🙂


  2. Whoa! It snowed here on the first day of spring a bit back, but today was so sunny! Its gettin’ spring here, its so pretty!
    The snow there looks breathtaking! Ahh… 🙂
    Stay warm and God bless!


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