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Spaying Heifers

First off, what is spaying?  Spaying is when the vet takes the ovaries out of the cow (when you do this, the heifer won’t be able to become pregnant).  Why do we do this?

Well, I will explain.  The heifers we are spaying are lighter weight heifers we purchase and graze all summer and will sell to a feedlot this fall.  So, the reasons why we spay them:

  1. The heifers will be guaranteed not to be pregnant when they get to the feedlot.
  2. They can be up in the mountains with the  bulls and we don’t have to worry about them getting pregnant.
  3.  It’s basically making a heifer the same as a steer.
  4. There is less riding of the animals on each other because they are not going through their heat cycles.  This helps with weight gain and less bruising of meat during the feedlot stage.
  5. There is economic advantages.  Heifers have a larger price spread  when we purchase them as calves compared to a steer, but in the fall there is a closer price spread when we sell them.


I took some pictures of the vet doing the procedure so you can hopefully get the main idea of how the procedure is done.  The pictures aren’t all the best, but hopefully they will work.

All of us have a job.

I gave one of the four shots.  My vaccination was to help prevent foot rot.  What is foot rot?  Click here to find out more.


Dad gave another shot.  It was for tetanus.  Click here for more information about tetanus.  He also put a tag in the heifers’ ears to show that they were spayed.



This is what the spay tag applicator looks like.  You can kind of see the medal tag in the applicator.  Sorry, there wasn’t a picture of the tag on the cow so you could see what it looks like.  I didn’t even think of doing it.

Jacelyn kept the the applicator filled with a tag between heifers.


She also is a very good artist, so was drawing in between heifers.  The really good drawings are hers, and the bad ones…well…those are mine.  I’m not that good of an artist.

Grandpa gave two shots…Penicillin to help against any infection after the procedure and the other was for all sorts of respiratory diseases.


Colton and Deacon kept cows coming into the lead-up alley.


The vet did the procedure and he also had a helper passing all the tools he needed to him.

WARNING: Blurry pictures, but hopefully they will work for you to be able to get the idea.


The vet first cleaned the heifer.


Than he uses the tool to take the ovaries out.

This is what the tool looks like.

spay picture


Now, let’s go from the spaying to just plain old fun pics!


We always have to have our pop!  I don’t think Colton would make it through the day in the corral without his Mtn Dew.  🙂


Tierra took this picture.  I thought it was a really nice pic!


Tierra and Jill.


We kind of had a little too much fun with this heifer.  She had lots of hair on her top knot, so dad stuck it up, and I took some cow chalk and gave her some highlights. 🙂


Jacelyn, Jill, and me.  (Jill is Jacelyn’s mom).

Thanks for reading. 🙂





Hi! I am a ranch girl who lives in southwestern MT. This blog tells about all of our adventures and stories on the ranch!

13 thoughts on “Spaying Heifers

  1. Your explanation on spaying heifers (as usual) was very informative, and the pictures filled in the blanks really well. Your in-depth knowledge of ranching makes me wonder – are you planning on working a ranch when you finish college or is this just a great way to gain maturity for future life experiences?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Right now at least ( although that could change) I plan on coming back after college. And u really do get to learn a lot just getting to be around that stuff (it’s also having help from a dad to proof read my blog posts before there published). 😀


  2. Interesting …….. I’ve actually never hear of spaying heifers! We don’t spay heifers, probably because we either sale them (usually pregnant) or keep them for breeding. But we’re just a little operation … we don’t have a lot of cows, just a few. 🙂

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  3. Hello, very nice post !, a question I’m interesting in buy Kimberly Rupp spaying toll, do you send me some web site any contact to some place o any collegue that sells this spaying tool ?, thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I looked those tools up and I can’t find them. We have somebody who does the actual spaying for us, so I wouldn’t know where they get their tools. But you could call a vet clinic that does spaying and get their help. Sorry I couldn’t be of any help 🙂


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