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How We Feed Our 4-h Steers (step by step)

Hey everybody!  I decided to do a step by step post for you on how we feed our 4-h steers.  So, enjoy!

Colton feeds in the morning, and I feed at night.  We both do the exact same thing, so this step by step instruction is what both Colton and I do.

What do we feed our steers?

They get free choice grass hay, and pellets.  The hay is grown, cut, and baled right here on the ranch.  It’s also given generously to us from grandpa.  We get the pellets at our local feed store.  The full name of the pellets are Payback Champion Steer Pellets.

Here’s the label of what the pellets consist of if anybody is interested in taking a look.

arrow 1

            Champion Steer

We feed the steers the pellets to help them have a balanced ration.  If you want to know more about why we feed the steers pellets, click  here.  Clicking that will just take you back to a blog post I made awhile ago on why we feed our steers pellets.

Okay, now on to the actual feeding.

Step one, I will start by getting the pellets in the barn to take out to the steers.  To start off, I’m going to get two empty five gallon buckets.

And a fifty pound bag of pellets.

I will open the bag and pour the pellets into the two buckets.  Twenty- five lbs. will go in each bucket, so half and half.

When that’s done, I will keep one bucket in the barn for Colton to use the next morning and take the other one with me to feed the steers.

So, they get 25lbs in the morning and 25lbs at night,  50lbs in all each day right now.  It works great, because we are using one bag exactly each day.

Next, taking the bucket with me, I head into the little pen where we have the hay bale.  There, I pitch hay for the steers.  Sammy and her foal are in a pen next to the steers, so I always like to give her a little hay even though she already gets fed in the morning.  

After pitching hay into the steers feed bunk, I take the bucket of pellets and pour it over the hay.

Then……the steers dig in.  They LOVE the pellets!


(Right)- Buddy steer    (Middle)- Colton’s steer, not named yet so we call him “No name”     (Left)-  My Steer, “Larry”

So, after that’s all done, I put the bucket back away, and I’m done!!

So, that’s how we feed our steers.   Have a great day!