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Meet Tippy

Hello everybody!  So I want to introduce all my readers to a new member of Silver Spring Ranch!


Meet Tippy!!!

She is our new little ten week old puppy.

Her breed is a breed that isn’t super common; it’s called “Hanging Tree”.  This certain breed was established to be good cow dogs, good travelers, and heavy duty animals.  The hanging tree is a mix of Border Collie, Australian cattle dog, Kelpie, and Catahula.

And now to the pictures!


As you can see Stran, Levi and Natalie have been really enjoying her, and she has been enjoying them.  She’ll chase them up and down the yard.

She is also an escape artist.  It took us a few days to block up all the holes in the front yard so she couldn’t get out. 😀

But now we think the yard is puppy proof.  Haha.

Tippy won’t start working cows until she gets a little older, but she has went with dad to do mineral and things like that.

So, I think that’s all!  Thanks for stopping by!



Hi! I am a ranch girl who lives in southwestern MT. This blog tells about all of our adventures and stories on the ranch!

16 thoughts on “Meet Tippy

  1. AWWW!!! I’m SO happy for you!! 😀 It must be so much fun to have her! 🙂 😀 Ooh, a hanging tree!? They’re very neat! 🙂 😀 We don’t have any…but they’re cool!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ugh. Nope. :/ 😉 But thanks for asking! That’s neat that you remembered!!! 😀 I think she might have some soon!! 😀 Her tummy is so huge!! :O 😀 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Aww!! 😀 That means a lot! 🙂 😀 Yup! 😀 Aggie has been so..happy lately! 😉 And now I can continue to call her by her nickname: Mamma Aggs! 😛 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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