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Grandma Rose Mary’s Sugar Cookies Recipe



And here I am with the first recipe to ever be published on this blog!  I had a survey in my latest post, and this was one of the requests.

I decided on this particular recipe because this was the first recipe I ever used to bake.  And I have to say, the finished product of these cookies are absolutely delicious!  This is my dad’s grandma on his mom’s side.


Grandma Rose Mary’s Sugar Cookies

1/2 C butter (not margarine)

1/2 C lard/ shortening

1 t. vanilla

2 C flour

1 1/2 C sugar

3 egg yolks

1 t. soda

1 t. cream of tartar


Sift flour, tartar and soda.  Cream butter, lard and add sugar, vanilla and egg yolks.  Add dry ingredients.  Make into balls with teaspoon.  (Will crack on top) Bake 12-15 minutes at 325 degrees.

And, I think that’s it for this recipe!  Let me know if you try it out, and what you think of it!

See you later!



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More Rodeo Bible Camp Pics

So, Rodeo Bible camp was the end of June, so quite awhile ago.  But, I wanted to show everybody some pictures of me and Tierra doing the rodeo.

These pictures were taken by our friend, Sarah’s, mom.






Tierra and I laugh every time we see this picture of me flag racing.  Do you notice my hat that’s in midair?  Yeah, it gives us a kick!


So, that’s all the pictures!  Thank you for the pictures, Mimi!

Have a great day everybody!



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Colt Update and Pics + Special Surprise!

So, I had a request for colt pictures like… three day ago????

Okay, okay, how about three weeks ago, but hey here it is now, right?

So, as most of you long time readers know, we had a little colt last March.  If you haven’t seen his newborn pictures yet click here.

He has grown up so quick!  If you are wondering, his full registered name will be High Rolling Sam, and we will call him Canelo for an everyday name.  Canelo means “cinnamon” in Spanish.  (T and I call him Nello).  He is now shedding his baby hair and turning into a roan.  We aren’t sure if he’s going to turn into a red or blue roan.  Dad and Colton are thinking that he will turn into a red roan, but I’m really hoping for a blue roan.

Here is what a roan horse looks like.

Blue Roan                                        Red Roan


Here are some pics of Canelo.  Tell me what color you think he will turn.

As you can see, he is shedding his baby hair.

He was trying to sniff the camera, the little goof ball.

I hoped you could kind of see how big Canelo is compared to the other horses by looking at these last two pictures.  Maybe?


Now, to my surprise!

Well, for 4-h this year, T is doing photography.  So, I asked her if I could show you guys the pictures she took.  She can only take one of these, so she is still choosing.  She also said she would like your guys’ opinion on what one is your favorite.