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Colt Update and Pics + Special Surprise!

So, I had a request for colt pictures like… three day ago????

Okay, okay, how about three weeks ago, but hey here it is now, right?

So, as most of you long time readers know, we had a little colt last March.  If you haven’t seen his newborn pictures yet click here.

He has grown up so quick!  If you are wondering, his full registered name will be High Rolling Sam, and we will call him Canelo for an everyday name.  Canelo means “cinnamon” in Spanish.  (T and I call him Nello).  He is now shedding his baby hair and turning into a roan.  We aren’t sure if he’s going to turn into a red or blue roan.  Dad and Colton are thinking that he will turn into a red roan, but I’m really hoping for a blue roan.

Here is what a roan horse looks like.

Blue Roan                                        Red Roan


Here are some pics of Canelo.  Tell me what color you think he will turn.

As you can see, he is shedding his baby hair.

He was trying to sniff the camera, the little goof ball.

I hoped you could kind of see how big Canelo is compared to the other horses by looking at these last two pictures.  Maybe?


Now, to my surprise!

Well, for 4-h this year, T is doing photography.  So, I asked her if I could show you guys the pictures she took.  She can only take one of these, so she is still choosing.  She also said she would like your guys’ opinion on what one is your favorite.










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29 thoughts on “Colt Update and Pics + Special Surprise!

  1. Canelo is a big handsome boy! 😀 Honestly… I see him losing his red but I don’t know if he’ll grow into a blue or red roan! I do know that it’s all kinda weird to me; like you can have a blue roan but if it’s head is red, they consider it a red roan… Regardless, Canelo is a pretty boy. 🙂 Young colts sure are somethin’! ♥
    Whoa… T…. Those photos are GORGEOUS. I really like the 1st, 3rd, and 4th ones. 🙂

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  2. Oh, I have a feeling this is a trick question. The trick is, he looks lovely like a red roan… But, he is really a blue roan! I’m going with blue roan. My favs are 4, 7, 8.

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  3. Britt, good pics of the colt. Bay Roan sounds like something I should be sipping while I watch the sun setting :). Tell “T” I like the one with both the the sun and the moon in it.


  4. Hey guys!! This is T. Thanks so mixh for all of the input on the photos. I ended up choosing number 8 because I felt like it was better quality and had a better chance of winning. Thank u all and God bless u all!!!

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    1. Great choice T! I really like that one. P.S. I am kinda in the same fix, so could u check out my blog and tell me which photos you think I should enter? It would help a lot. Post is called Fair Pics. Thanks!

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  5. 😀 Cool! 🙂 🙂 I think he will be a red roan… Or like you said in your comment a bay roan! 😉 😀 His body right now is looking like a blue roan, but then his face is more like a red roan, and I would guess that his body looks mostly like that because he’s just losing his baby fuzz. 😉 But it IS sort of hard to tell! T, I really like the first and last pics! 😀 🙂 Great pictures!!! 😀

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    1. Yeah lots of people are leaning towards the red roan, but it can be so hard to tell because I’m not for sure, but, I think he still has to loose his red hair on his head. For some reason I’ve been thinking that, but we will have to see. U can kind of get thrown off by his really dark legs. But I will show u guys some more pictures in a few months, and we can keep updated on his changing colors 😀

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