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Fair Time!!! (A Five Day Journal)


Hello to everybody!  So, August 10-14 was our fair.  Five days of pure fun!  (with just a little dinky bit of stress on the sidelines).  I thought I could try out another five day journal!  I’ll just go from day to day so you guys can see what we did each day.  Let me know if you like this way of writing!

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Day One:

Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

Today always seems like the longest and most busy day of fair, but at the same time, the most exciting!  You have the whole week of fun stretched out before you!  We get to hang out with friends,  show and sell the animal that I’ve spent the last seven months feeding, and the best of all, the SNOW CONES!!  Yum!!  The funny thing is, the snow cones are always one of the best memories of fair.  Maybe because they are the perfect, tasty, sweet, cold treat on a hot day!  And I would think the rest of my  family would have to agree; snow cones are a pretty fond memory of fair. 😉  

It wasn’t a desperately early morning this morning.  I got up about six and went and fed our steers first thing.  This way, they would have plenty of time to eat while I got ready and had breakfast myself.  After I got ready and ate, Colton and I haltered our steers and took them up to our nearby scale to weigh them.  Tierra and Stran did the same with their lambs.  We did weigh them at the fairgrounds later, but this way we had an idea of what our animals weighed so we knew if we needed to shrink them a few pounds or try getting them to gain a few pounds.  Colton’s steer weighed 1380, which was about perfect, so Colton just let him eat through the day.  My steer weighed 1420, so I didn’t let him eat as much hay, hoping that he will shrink a little bit.  I was hoping he would weigh around 1370.

Wednesday mornings are always busy, so lucky for us, Colton and I took a load down to the fairgrounds the night before.  We just took our hay bales, shavings (the steers’ bedding), and a few tables for at the camper.  We also hooked up the horse trailer and loaded it with a few things when we got home: steer pellets, feed barrels, and water barrels.  We also loaded up our neck ropes, soap, brushes and a few other odds and ends.  So, when this morning did come, we were pretty well loaded up.  We just had to put our bags of clothes in the truck, load our animals, and go.  I had my interview for my paracord horse reins at 1:10 pm, and steer weigh-in and pictures were at 2:00 pm.  So, when we got to the fairgrounds at around 9:30, we unloaded all of our stuff and washed our steers before putting them in their clean pen.  This way, I would be all ready for my interview and weigh-in.  Yes, it was a super busy morning and I have to honestly say I’m not a huge fan of steer weigh-in.   You are in your black and whites, standing out in the sun, waiting in line for your turn to take your picture;  then, you get in line again to get your steer weighed in.  But, it all seems to work out well.  After weighing in my steer, I can take a breather the rest of the day and get settled in.  So, I just kept an eye on my steer, hung out at the camper, and even got in some reading.

Day two:

Thursday, August 11th, 2016

I didn’t really have anything going on today.  I cleaned my steer pen this morning and gave him some breakfast.  After they ate,  Colton and I took our steers for a walk just so they could get out and stretch their legs a little bit.  Two o’ clock was the lamb show for Tierra and Stran.  I was super excited!  It is always fun watching them show!  They both did a very good job!  Stran was a beginner showman and got Reserve Champion showman.  Tierra was a junior and got Grand Champion showman.  In market, Tierra got third and Stran got fourth.  I was super proud of them both.  I went with Colton and his friend to the ranch rodeo right after the lamb show, and the rest of the family joined us later.  It was a lot of fun!  But, I was tired at the end, and happily went to bed.

Sorry this first picture of Stran is sideways.  

stran lamb

stran 1

stran 2





Sorry about another sideways picture

tierra lamb

Day three:

Friday, August 12th, 2016

Dad woke me up a little after five this morning to go feed and wash my steer before the big group of kids came crowding in to do their steers before the show.  Our show was at nine, so lots of kids started coming around seven.  When I got there, there were a few kids there, but not many.  I led my steer out of his pen and to the wash rack; Colton did also.  I thought it was going to be a pretty chilly morning to wash, but it actually wasn’t that bad.  Our steers who were the ones getting soaked with water probably thought different, though.  Because we only wash our steers four or five times during the whole duration of having them, we just use dish soap.  If you went to jack pots and did a lot that way with your steer, you would probably want to use a soap specifically made for your show animals, just because using dish soap too much could be hard on their skin.  

Once I had my steer thoroughly washed all over, I led him to a nearby hitching post and tied him up to brush him.  Once I had all his hair brushed how I wanted it, I let him eat some breakfast while Colton and I cleaned out our steers’ pens.  Then, we led them over beside the fairgrounds just so they could stretch their legs a little bit before the show.  After that was completed, we were ready to go!  It was about eight o’ clock, so we gave ourselves a half hour of breathing time before being back down at the steer barn, in our black and white 4-h clothes, and ready to go.  

Colton showed first.  He was in the senior class.  There were five senior classes and one junior,  so there were quite a few seniors competing.  Colton did well in the show and got a purple.  I went in next,  pretty nervous.  Why do I get nervous?  Don’t ask!  I honestly don’t know; all I do know is that there is nothing I can do about it, and I just have to go in the ring after taking a deep breath.  My steer did great!  He went around the ring no problem, probably not giving it a second thought, just thinking he was going for another walk.  The judge was also super nice.  I got myself wedged behind a few steers and got out of line, though.  But, it’s okay;  I came out with a blue.

I was the first one to go in for market, and also got a blue for that.  Colton went in the next class, and came out with a purple, which meant he would go in for the final round where the judge would pick a Grand and Reserve, (Reserve is 2nd place).  Colton got Reserve!  I was super excited for him!  So, over all, the whole show went very well!

Afterwards, Grandpa and Grandma (dad’s parents) treated us all to a snow cone!  It was super awesome because I was super hot!  Next step was showers, because most of us decided we could use one.  Tierra and I went to Grandma and Grandpa’s for a shower (mom’s parents).  When we were done, Grandpa had sandwiches, Pepsi’s, and chips waiting for us!  Yum!!

Once back at the fair, I just hung our for the rest of the day, until the rodeo at 7 pm, which is always enjoyable.  And, I was super glad to get to bed for a good night’s sleep… at least as good of a night’s sleep as you can get at fair.





Colton steer





Day four:

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Tierra won Grand Champion showman, so that meant she did the Round Robin this morning.  The Round Robin is where all the kids who won first in their animals would show each other’ animals.  So, Tierra showed a lamb, pig, goat, steer, horse, and heifer.  Those six animals were considered BIG animals, so since she won a big animal event, she showed all the big animals.  The small animals are considered animals like cats, dogs, and chickens.  The kid with the highest score out of all animals was the winner.

Today was the sale at 2 pm.  I was a blue ribbon market steer, so I sold about half-ways through the sale.  That morning, I just hung out after doing my normal routine of feeding and walking the steer and cleaning out his pen with Colton.

Around noon, we all went and washed our animals so they were ready for the sale.  Colton, Tierra,and Stran were dressed in their black and whites by 2 pm, and ready for the sale to start.  They all sold pretty quickly.  I was a little later, so I just hung out at the steer barn with my steer and talked with some other girls there until it was time to head to the sale ring.  The steers were flying through the ring quickly, and it didn’t take long.  I was glad to have it done, because you never know how your steer is going to act coming out of the ring.  They are right beside a really loud speaker, people are sitting all around the ring, and they are all alone in the ring; you also exit out of about a three foot wide gate, which isn’t very big considering trying to fit both you and your steer in it.  But, my steer did great, and walked pretty calmly out of the ring.  

I put my steer away, made sure he had plenty of water, and then headed to the camper to make a “thank you” sign for my buyer.  We hang this above our stall.

At 7 pm there was another rodeo that we went to.

Day five:

Sunday, August 14, 2016

The last day of fair was today,  the day that I have to honestly say I don’t care for very much.  I’m tired, and I have to say goodbye to my steer.

That morning, some trucks came and took everyones’ animals away.  After our animals were gone, we cleaned out our animal pens and picked all of our stuff up so it would be ready to go.  There was a parade at 10 am that we went to also.  After the parade, we went to the camper and had one more hamburger before hooking up the camper and making our way home.










Hi! I am a ranch girl who lives in southwestern MT. This blog tells about all of our adventures and stories on the ranch!

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