Ranch Fun!

Lately, the kids have been enjoying playing on the hay bales.  We will jump on top of them and run across from one to the other.  I have to say it’s very good exercise!

Here are some pictures!

 Ready to go!


I think Stran and Natalie thought that they were on top of the world!

 Tippy had her share of fun too!

And, that’s all the pictures I wanted to show you guys!  See you later!



7 thoughts on “Ranch Fun!

  1. Jazzy Belle says:

    Aww, my siblings and I used to do this when we lived back on the farm! *sniff sniff* I MISS THOSE DAYS SO MUCH. *sigh* It’ll only be a little bit longer until we can finally move back..*looks heavenward* Lord willing!!! 🙂

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