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Ranch Update! Fall 2016


It has been awhile since I have done a blog post on the ranch, so I thought I could give you a little update on what has gone on, what is going on, and what will be going on in the coming future.  So, to put it plainly and simply, it’s time for a ranch update!  When I have looked back into the summer, I have kind of felt bad because I realized I did no blog post whatsoever on what happens during the summer while all the cows are in the mountains.  So, I just figured I could give you a quick summary of the summer.

When the cows leave, all ranch workers start irrigating.  We do a few different kinds of irrigating…flood irrigating, pipe irrigating, and we have one pivot.

(These pictures I took off of the internet to show you guys what the different ways of irrigating looks like.  These pictures were not taken on the ranch.)


Lots of our irrigation is done with dam irrigating.  We set up a dam, and all the water from the ditch builds up and floods into the field.



Another way we irrigate is by moving pipe through the field to water it.  Colton did some of this.


And, this is what a pivot looks like.  The pivot will move around the field by itself.  Grandpa makes sure that screen is clean where the water is sucked out into the pivot and keeps it maintained and running.  


Here is a wheel line.  It has a motor on it, so whenever you want to move it, you turn the motor on and move it.  


So, those are our ways of irrigating.  Dad cuts the hay with the swather. Colton, another one of the ranch workers, or I (every once in awhile) will do the raking.  Grandpa does the baling, and another one of the ranch workers will come through the field and pick up the bales.  But, for the sake of not having too lengthy of a post, I won’t post any pictures of this and just remember to do a better job of it next summer.  Why do we do hay?  Winters are cold enough here that grass isn’t going to grow through the winter, so we need hay to feed the cows during the winter.

Dad and grandpa finished up the rest of the haying a few weeks ago, and are now getting the ranch ready to bring cows home in October.

I have to say, Fall is the busiest time of year for me.  Dad and grandpa may agree or disagree; they are busy all times of the year.  October is when we round up cows in the mountains, sort them out from the other ranchers’ cows, truck the calves home, and trail the cows home.  Busy, but a great time of year!

As for right now… Fall has come!  The leaves are starting to turn, and the weather has definitely a little bit of a nip to it.  It has been raining most of the week, too.  Summer has gone.  School started five weeks ago.  Colton is a junior, I’m a freshman, Tierra is a seventh grader, Stran’s in fourth, and Levi is in first.  Yep, mom is schooling five kids!

Dad and grandpa are getting everything at the ranch ready for when cows come home.  Dad brought our chaps home today so that he could get them all oiled up for whatever weather we go through while riding this Fall.  Hopefully, it will stay pretty nice out, though.

And, I think that’s it for this ranch update!  Thanks for reading!






Hi! I am a ranch girl who lives in southwestern MT. This blog tells about all of our adventures and stories on the ranch!

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