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Coming Home!

We brought cows home from the Ruby a week after round up, and it was beautiful weather for trailing them home.  It was supposed to be very wet and snow both days we were trailing, but it was super nice and in the 50-60’s both days.

Monday, October 16, was a wet snowy day.  When we set out in the morning, it was snowing pretty good. We trailed cows from the holding pasture to the corrals.  When we got to the holding pasture, the cows were ready to go.  Once we got them to the corrals, we sorted the cows from the calves.  The calves were loaded onto semi’s and taken home to the feedlot.  They were weaned during this time.  Now, the calves are getting fed hay and pellets.

The cows were trailed home Tuesday and Wednesday.  The trail home for the cows was about a 39 mile walk.  The first day, Tuesday, was a 17 mile walk.  There was about an 80 percent chance of snow that day, and I got all dressed up, ready for a cold ride.   But it ended up being an absolutely gorgeous day and a great ride!

Day two of trailing is always a longer day.  It is about a  22 mile walk,  plus the cows are getting tired from all the trailing.  It was also another nice day.  We got to the field, I think about 6:30, because it was dusk when we got there.  We got to the barn just at dark.

Natalie rode with dad lots of the day.  She wasn’t ready to be done.

George and Sunny (the white dog running up the hill), enjoying the ride.

Stran and grandpa

Dad, grandpa, Stran and grandma

I let Levi ride my horse towards the end of the day, and never saw him again.  I got to walk the rest of the way. 😏

Mom flagged in the front of the cows going down the highway, and T and George’s wife, JD, were flagging in the back.  In this picture, mom was just getting ready to make her way to the front of the herd.

Stran and Levi turning the cows into the field.  I thought it was so cool!

We will be bringing the other bunch of cows from Ledford home here pretty soon.  When they are home, all cows will be home for the winter.

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