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Fall Going-On’s 2016

It has been a warmer Fall.  It’s now finally starting to feel like November.  We have been getting little bits of snow the last few days.  It will snow a little bit at night and partly melt the next day.  So, it has also been kind of muddy.

It has been a little over a month since I have written.  So, I thought I would share with you guys some things that have been going on since then.

Colton had his seventeenth birthday November ninth.  He spent half of the night watching the election polls the night before, so I think he was a little tired, but I think he still enjoyed it.

I had my fifteenth birthday November 18th.  Colton got a buck that morning.  He was looking out the window of our house while talking to dad on the phone and spotted the buck in the field below.  I got some saddle bags from mom and dad, which I am SUPER excited about!  I’ve really been wanting some.

We have been looking through our steers in the feedlot, trying to find me, Colton and Tierra 4-h steers.  The three of us went out one afternoon and spent a couple of hours just looking around for ones that caught our eye.  All three of us found ones we liked.  A few days later, dad and I went out and looked through them all again.  We brought the three we liked, along with a few others, and weighed them.  We also liked to get them by themselves just to see how they acted.  Colton’s steer seems to have a super calm disposition.  I think he did a great job picking out his steer!  T and I didn’t have such luck.  Our steers acted really nervous, so we had to discard them and pick other ones.  You may be wondering why it is such a big deal if they are calm or nervous when we are going to be working with them anyways.  If there is one thing I’ve learned through my few years of doing a big animal like a steer, it is that a calm disposition makes all the difference!  A calm steer at fair, or through the whole summer for that matter, is so nice to have!

Colton’s steer’s number is 8/51.

Brittni’s steer’s number is 8/115  (Both Colton’s steer and mine are from 2008 cows.  That is what the 8 means.  For example, if you looked at a cow in our herd that had the number 6/89, that would mean the cow would be a cow that was born in 2006.  Make sense?

Tierra’s steer’s number is 3/2  (Tierra can already pet her steer).

Buddy steer’s number is 3/61 (We have a buddy steer just in case something happens to one of our steers).

The rest of the steers shipped off to a feedlot in Nebraska the end of November!

Dad also started building a shop!  It is 40×64 ft. long.  It is pretty good-sized.  It will be big enough to fit a couple of tractors in at a time, and it will be heated.  Dad and grandpa are super excited about that prospect.  I will make sure I get some photos put on here of the progress.

Tierra also had her birthday!  Her’s was December 1st.  It was a super exciting birthday for her because it was her 13th!  Another teenager. 🙂

For all of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you know about Canelo, our little foal.  He isn’t so little anymore.  He is really growing up!  Here are some pictures of Canelo.

     Colt update

   A New Colt!

Here is an updated pic!

And I think that is a full update for now.  Hope you enjoyed!




Hi! I am a ranch girl who lives in southwestern MT. This blog tells about all of our adventures and stories on the ranch!

8 thoughts on “Fall Going-On’s 2016

  1. Canelo is a babe! 😀 Such a handsome boy.
    Happy late birthdays! =D Yeah, we stayed up till like… 2AM election night or something. It was an experience. Lots of coffee, and lollipops. Lol!
    Nice to see y’all are all doing well! God bless and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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