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The Beginning of 2017, Ranch Happenings

It is now 2017!  How exciting!  I now will have to remember to write 2017 instead of 2016 every time I write the date down.  2016 flew by.

What will be going on at the ranch at the beginning of 2017?

We started feeding cows hay instead of letting them graze.  It is that time of year.

Horses are also getting fed.

Dad took these two pictures feeding the horses early in the morning


Canelo decided to come and say hi 


We got our 4-h steers picked out and will take them to 4-h steer weigh-in January 7th.  T named her steer Tubby and I named mine Larry Jr.  Colton hasn’t named his yet.  The buddy steer is actually the brother of Colton’s 4-h calf from last year (who, if I may brag, got Reserve Champion market).

Here is Colton with his  last year’s steer.  This is the buddy steer’s brother.

Colton steer

The first calvers are going to start calving  the end of January.  The main bunch of cows will start calving somewhere around February 6th-8th.  I always like the calving season.

The big news right now is the fact that mom is having a baby!  We are all super excited!  In case anybody is wondering, it will be baby number seven!  The baby can be born anytime, so we are all trying to wait patiently for him or her to arrive.

As I have said in the last post, it has been a little chilly out.  It is starting to feel a lot like winter after a really warm November.  Hopefully, calving season will be a little warmer than a few of the weeks have been lately.

The shop is going well so far.  They are now putting up the metal.

Colton and Joe working on the roof


      They have lots of the metal put up now.  It is going really well!img_0035

And, that is all I can think of to update you guys on the beginnings of 2017 here at the ranch.  Happy New Year!

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Hi! I am a ranch girl who lives in southwestern MT. This blog tells about all of our adventures and stories on the ranch!

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