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4-H Steer Weigh-In 2017

Hey everybody!  Today’s post is going to be really short.  I just thought I would tell all of you that we had our 4-h steer weigh-in Saturday, the 7th of January.   Some of you guys may know that we train and take steers to our local county fair.  So, we just took them to get weighed, and they also got a 4-h tag; that way the steers can be identified at fair as the steers we brought to weigh- in 7 1/2 months before.  This way, they can also keep track of people’s steer weights from now until fair (the steers will get weighed again at fair).

Our steers weights:

8/51 (Colton’s):875 lbs

8/115 (Brittni’s):830 lbs

3/2 (Tierra’s): 840 lbs

Buddy steer: 785 lbs

If you are wondering, they all weighed in just fine.  We estimated that they need to gain 2.5 lbs/ day until fair to get them to the weight that we want them at fair.  We also have to remember that the steers will gain more in the winter than during the summer.  They don’t eat as much when it is hot out.  The steers are doing great, and we are all super excited about them!


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Hi! I am a ranch girl who lives in southwestern MT. This blog tells about all of our adventures and stories on the ranch!

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