A New Baby Brother! Gavin Daniel

Hey everyone!  Today’s post is super exciting!  I think I told you a few posts ago that my mom was expecting a baby.  Well, that baby has come!  He is a very HANDSOME baby boy!  His name is Gavin Daniel.  For all of you guys (girls) who like to know weights, Gavin weighed 7# 13 oz.


Gavin, the day he was born, with mom



Gavin, Brittni and Natalie


Levi and Gavin






Written by: britt


33 thoughts on “A New Baby Brother! Gavin Daniel

  1. Britt's awesome sis:) says:

    K.A. i am also that annoying little sister:) just ask Britt:) (laughing) she kinda has to learn to deal with me because we share rooms. i have to say i am very thankful that God gave me such an amazing and encouraging sister. I don’t know what I would do without Britt!!!!!!!


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