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Newborn Calves

Hey everybody!  Calving season is going well.  We had a few difficulties in the heifer calves, but that is going better.   We now have calves filling up the ranch fields.  It is such a fun time of year!

Here are a few pictures.







I think the last picture is my favorite.  What is yours?  Hope you enjoyed, and have a great start to your March!


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Daily Bible Plan, February 26-March 4



Sunday the 26th

1 Samuel 7  and  Acts 25


Monday the 27th

1 Samuel 8  and  Acts 26


Tuesday the 28th

1 Samuel 9  and  Acts 27


Wednesday the 1st

1 Samuel 10  and  Acts 28


Thursday the 2nd

1 Samuel 11  and Philippians 1

Friday the 3rd

1 Samuel 12  and  Philippians 2

Saturday the 4th

1 Samuel 13  and  Philippians 3


Have a good week!

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Daily Bible, February 20th-25th



daily-bibleSorry, A day late.

Monday the 20th

1 Samuel 1       and        Acts 19


Tuesday the 21st

1 Samuel 2     and     Acts 20


Wednesday the 22nd

1 Samuel 3    and Acts 21


Thursday the 23rd

1 Samuel 4       and Acts 22


Friday the 24th

1 Samuel 5    and  Acts 23


Saturday the 25th

1 Samuel 6    and   Acts 24


Have a good week!


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Start of Calving Season and Sorting Pairs


Hey everybody!  Calving season has started into full swing.  We have a night calver working nights now.  Colton goes from 6:00 pm until 8:30, and than the night calver takes on from there, until 6:00 a.m.  Dad and Grandpa watch the cows throughout the day.

When calves are born, that means taking them out of the calving pasture to make more room for cows coming in, that still need to calve.  We call it sorting pairs.  We just push the cows into a pen and sort out the pairs from there.  Then, the pairs will go to a new field.

It is so much fun to see all the new little calves around!

A pair headed to the pen


 Headed out into the real world!
What a beautiful view!


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