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Daily Bible, February 6-11 2017

Hey everybody!  So, instead of posting the days Bible reading everyday, I will post that weeks reading at the beginning of every week.  I will also have the weeks reading in the Daily Bible menu as I mentioned before.  So, if you need to find out that days Bible reading, just head onto the blog and there will be the Daily Bible menu at top.  We will also be finishing Esther this week, so we will be headed into Jonah.  I know there was the request for Ruth next, but I thought we could switch things up.  Hope this works for all of you guys doing the reading.  Have a good week!


   February 6-11 2017, Week 1








Here’s today’s reading:

Esther chapter 6

Acts chapter 6



Esther chapter 7

Acts chapter 7



Esther chapter 8

Acts chapter 8



Esther chapter 9

Acts chapter 9



Esther chapter 10

Acts chapter 10



Finished Esther!! Now on to Jonah!

Jonah chapter 1

Acts chapter 11

And that finishes this weeks Bible reading!










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5 thoughts on “Daily Bible, February 6-11 2017

  1. We went to a Engaged party Saturday, it was an hour and a half… I told dad that I was reading Esther, it was getting really exiting, so we finished the whole book… lol, but yeah, i really like the book of Esther! So sorry that i went super ahead of the bible plan! 😦


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