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Cows Are In The Mountains!

imageCows are now in the mountains!!  The ranch now looks and feels so empty.  It is always a fun week of riding and shipping cows to get them there.  This year we did all this June 14th-20th

Wed. June 14th: Moved our cows off of neighbors bench.  We also sorted out all the older and lame cows who couldn’t go to the mountains.

Thur. June 15th: Shipped cows that we moved the day before, and all the yearlings from the feedlot to Ledford.  The feedlot is now completely empty!

Fri. June 16th: Moved first calf heifers and their calves from The Dale Place to the corrals.

Sat. June 17th: Moved cows from neighbors lower pasture to the corrals, and sorted all the old and lame ones out.

Sun. June 18th: Shipped first bunch of cows to the Ruby.  We all headed up to the Ruby with horses, and mothered up the cows.

Mon. June 19th: Moved cows off of our bench and sorted through them as well.

Tues. June 20th:  Shipped the last bunch of cows to the Ruby.

Here are some pictures!


I’m hoping to get a video done on taking cows to the mountains.  But, we will see. 🙂

Thanks for reading!