Closer To Home!

Hey guys!  Last week we had a few trailing days.  I went the first day but was busy the second.  So, I only got pictures from the first.


Levi went both days and did a great job!



Just over the next hill!





A look across the valley

When we first started in the morning, it was a little chilly.  But it warmed up and turned out to be a nice day.


Trailing Cows To The Blacktail

On today’s post, I have some pictures of us trailing cows up in Ledford.  The pasture we moved the cows to is called the Blacktail.












Most of you probably know about the eclipse that went across the United States the 21st.  We happened to be moving these cows while that was going on.  Where we were in Montana, we were able to see about 97% of the eclipse.  It was pretty amazing!


New Video!!


Hey everybody!  My video is up on taking cows to the mountains, if any of you guys are interested.  I videoed with my iphone, and I didn’t video with the phone sideways.  So, the screen is a little smaller.  Sorry about that.  But, hope you guys can still see it okay!

Check the video out by clicking on the link below!

Taking Cows To The Mountains



Cows Are In The Mountains!

imageCows are now in the mountains!!  The ranch now looks and feels so empty.  It is always a fun week of riding and shipping cows to get them there.  This year we did all this June 14th-20th

Wed. June 14th: Moved our cows off of neighbors bench.  We also sorted out all the older and lame cows who couldn’t go to the mountains.

Thur. June 15th: Shipped cows that we moved the day before, and all the yearlings from the feedlot to Ledford.  The feedlot is now completely empty!

Fri. June 16th: Moved first calf heifers and their calves from The Dale Place to the corrals.

Sat. June 17th: Moved cows from neighbors lower pasture to the corrals, and sorted all the old and lame ones out.

Sun. June 18th: Shipped first bunch of cows to the Ruby.  We all headed up to the Ruby with horses, and mothered up the cows.

Mon. June 19th: Moved cows off of our bench and sorted through them as well.

Tues. June 20th:  Shipped the last bunch of cows to the Ruby.

Here are some pictures!


I’m hoping to get a video done on taking cows to the mountains.  But, we will see. 🙂

Thanks for reading!