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The page for all girls alike!  On this page there will be fun randomness that I hope all you girls will enjoy!  Recipes, photography, and more fun!  

A new post will be put on every Saturday!

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Who is your heroe of the faith?

Hey everybody!  For this newest edition of Cowgirl Corner I’m going to ask all of you who your heroe of the faith is?

For example:

I have quite a few, but I will narrow it down to my three very favorite.😀

Paul the Apostle

Lillian Trasher

Corrie Ten Boom

I have many others that I really have lots of respect for, but these are the ones that came to my mind first as I thought about my favorite heroes of the faith.

They all had amazing courage, following the Lord wherever he led them no matter the circumstance.

Who’s your heroe of faith?  Let me know in comments below! 😀


Older post:

Friendship is so important!  It’s an amazing gift from God!  And having a great friend to share your joys and sorrows with is a even more wonderful gift!  A friend you know wants the best for you and encourages you in the Lord!  Well, God gave me this gift and I want to thank her!  Here’s her blog (Blog on Paper).

Today, I realized what a great friend God has given to me!  So, let’s take a little time to thank those people in our live who mean so much to us. 🙂















10 thoughts on “Cowgirl Corner

  1. 😀 I’m a cowgirl!!!!!!!! 😀 I would say so! 😀 I gather cattle, I’ve been riding horses my entire life, I like catching snakes, driving the four wheeler, shooting guns, and cracking the bullwhip!!!!!!!

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  2. Hey there, I was wondering, I’m sure you do, but, do you know about the good cutting horse Smart little Lena? Or Doc bar, Doc ‘O’ lena, or Poco lena?? I’m sure you do, but I thought that it was kind of cool, and I wanted to tell you, that Gadget (my horse) is the great, great, grandson of Smart Little Lena!

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