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Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!| A Look into the Past Year


Hey guys!  Welcome to my very last blog post on Ranch Life in the year of 2017!  2017 is ending and 2018 is beginning!

In honor of 2017 let’s take a look into the past year…

  • Gavin was born January 14th.  He is now 11 months old, busy, loud, and a kick!
  • Calving season was January-February.
  • Skiing was January-February.
  • Cows and calves went into the mountains in June.
  • Colton, Tierra, and I, had 4-h steers and took them to fair in August.
  • We moved into a new house on the ranch in June!
  • Cows came home in October and November.
  • Looking forward to 2018!

Favorites pictures from 2017

From left to right- Tierra, Brittni, Colton, Stran, and Dad


Levi and Dunny






2017 was a good year and we are so blessed by the Lord!  Happy New Year everybody!


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Psalm 20:7| A Verse from the Bible that talks about horses

I was looking up all of the different verses in the Bible that talk about horses in them, and this was one of them.  I thought it was kind of interesting and had to think about it for a little while.


After thinking about it, this is what I got out of it:

Back in the Bible times, their source of transportation were horses and chariots (along with your own two feet of course).  People put lots of trust in their horses and chariots.  They were the things that got them from point A to point B.

I personally think what this verse is talking about, is putting your trust in God, not just horses and chariots.  And that goes for any earthly thing: your car, your job, your family, your friends, and really anything else you put before God.

I want to be one of those people who puts my trust in God, not my horse and chariot.  How about you?

What did you get out of this verse?

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Doctoring On Horse Back

   Hey guys!

   On today’s post, I have some pictures of dad doctoring a cow with a bad leg.  The lighting wasn’t the best, and I didn’t take close enough pictures, but I still wanted to show them to you anyways.











Dad threw a beautiful loop and caught the cow first throw.  He got her doctored and we were on our way.

That’s all I had for today’s post.  Thanks for reading, and I hope you are having a great start to your December!






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Picking Out My 2018 4-h Steer (Part 2) | I’ve Got My Steer Picked Out!


Hey everybody!  Today is an updated post on picking out this year’s, (2017-2018) 4-h steer.

If you haven’t read it yet: Picking Out 2018 4-H Steer (Part 1)

On Saturday Tierra, Dad, and I went out into the feedlot and picked out our 4-h steers.  We are stuck with them now because the rest of the steers got shipped off to Nebraska yesterday morning.  The feedlot looks so empty now.

I ended up with the calf that I’ve had my eye on for quite a few weeks.  He is a brocal (black and white face), and has an awesome side profile.

I was kind of uncertain as to if he was the best pick when we took him out of the feedlot the other day.  But, when I went down to see him yesterday, I was glad that I picked him out!  He’s got me convinced!

He also seems to have a good disposition and a nice personality.  Which is always a HUGE thing when picking a steer that you will be haltering, petting, showing, and spending lots of time with.  A steer with a good disposition will make your overall experience so much better.

Can’t wait to really start working with him!  Tierra and I are planning on haltering them for the first time later this week.



Brittni’s steer




Tierra’s Steer




Buddy steer


We are so excited about this years steers!  Tierra has already spent crazy amounts of time with hers.

See all of you later!

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All The Cows Are Home!



All of the cows are home from the mountains!  The last of the cows rolled in yesterday mid to late afternoon.  It was a pretty chilly day with a few inches of snow on the ground and the temperature being in the twenties throughout the day.  It was one of those days that you had to make sure you are dressed warmly.  It wasn’t terrible except for about an hour when the wind was blowing a little bit.

The day before yesterday, Grandpa, Dad, Colton, and Levi went up to Ledford along with a few other ranches to get the cows gathered and sorted.  After our cows were sorted from the other rancher’s cows, our cows were trailed a few miles down the road to a pen.  They stayed in that pen until the next day when we trailed the rest of the way home.


Levi sorting cows



This was our crew trailing cows home yesterday.  From right to left-Dad, Stran, Colton, Brittni, and Tierra. (Grandpa took the photo)