Irrigating and Checking Cows


Hey everybody!  Another video is up!  In this video you get to go with me as I irrigate in one of our fields, and check some cows in a few different pastures.

Please keep in mind the fact that I’m still trying to figure out the whole videoing thing.  My videos can be kind of shaky, but I hope you can get the basic point.

Here is the link to Ranch Life video 2!:  Go To Work With Me/ Irrigating and Checking Cows


Thanks for reading and watching! 🙂


4-H Steer Prospects

This year, while riding through calves, Dad and I have been enjoying picking out steer calves that we like.  Dad will write them down so that we can remember their numbers this fall when we pick out our 4-h steers.  I’m excited to see how the ones we wrote down look after a summer of grazing in the mountains.

This calf is one of my favorites so far.  Can’t wait to see what he looks like this fall.  His number is 1/17.


Written by: britt

Checking Calves

The calves are now in the fields.  That means that dad checks them everyday to make sure all the calves are doing well, and healthy.  We all enjoy going as well.  Here are a few pictures!



Levi on Dunny




Tierra on Twister


Dad, Cowboy and Tippy

We figured out something interesting with Tippy.  She won’t go with us when we are riding horses.  Dad has even carried her on the horse across the river before letting her down; she still ran back home.  She is around the horses and cows all the time no problem.  She loves going with dad in the truck and on the four wheeler.  But, when dad tries to get her to go when he is on the horse, she won’t come.


Dad doctoring a calf

That’s all the pictures.  Hope you enjoyed!


Written By: britt