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Picking Out My 2018 4-h Steer (Part 2) | I’ve Got My Steer Picked Out!


Hey everybody!  Today is an updated post on picking out this year’s, (2017-2018) 4-h steer.

If you haven’t read it yet: Picking Out 2018 4-H Steer (Part 1)

On Saturday Tierra, Dad, and I went out into the feedlot and picked out our 4-h steers.  We are stuck with them now because the rest of the steers got shipped off to Nebraska yesterday morning.  The feedlot looks so empty now.

I ended up with the calf that I’ve had my eye on for quite a few weeks.  He is a brocal (black and white face), and has an awesome side profile.

I was kind of uncertain as to if he was the best pick when we took him out of the feedlot the other day.  But, when I went down to see him yesterday, I was glad that I picked him out!  He’s got me convinced!

He also seems to have a good disposition and a nice personality.  Which is always a HUGE thing when picking a steer that you will be haltering, petting, showing, and spending lots of time with.  A steer with a good disposition will make your overall experience so much better.

Can’t wait to really start working with him!  Tierra and I are planning on haltering them for the first time later this week.



Brittni’s steer




Tierra’s Steer




Buddy steer


We are so excited about this years steers!  Tierra has already spent crazy amounts of time with hers.

See all of you later!

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First Ranch Life YouTube Video!


Hey guys!  I started a YouTube channel so that all of you guys could see some things in video, and not just in picture.  I am so excited!  I should still be posting on my blog along with some YouTube videos.  I will also make sure to let you guys know every time I put up a new video.


Here is the link to my video.

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4-H Steers On Pellets

Monday, grandpa was in town, so he picked up some bags of steer pellets for me and Colton’s steers in Rocky Mountain Supply.  Rocky Mountain Supply is a nearby supply store were we get all our 4-h animals their feed.

Colton and I feed our steers a pellet called Payback Champion  Pellets.  This pellet is carried by a company called CHS.

We use a pelleted feed because it carries all the necessary ingredients for a balanced ration, along with our ranch grown grass hay.

We put them on a balanced diet to increase their daily gain.  We are going to get them gaining about 2.5 lb a day.  Doing this, we will be able to get them to about 1350-1370 lb. by fair.

Another very necessary thing for our steers is to make sure they have clean, fresh water.




Payback made a new bag for the steer pellets that I think looks really cool, so I took a picture of one of the bags.


Here is what the pen looks like that our steers are in.


To the left is the water hole.


Here is the barn cat, “Tiger,” who loves to come over and see me when I feed steers.




And of course, our steers. 🙂


I’m sorry, I didn’t realize how blurry these pictures were until I put them on the computer.  But, the calf in the middle looking up at the camera is Colton’s, the one on the right is mine, and the one on the left is our buddy.

Thanks everybody for taking the time to look, and see you all later!


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Picking 4-H Steers

For the last month, Colton, dad, and I have been checking out the steers in the feedlot, picking out what steers we liked the best. Last week, we made our final pick on three of the steers we had an eye on.  One steer for Colton, one for me, and a buddy steer. A buddy steer is an extra steer that we have, just in case something happens to one of our steers; he’s basically a back up. 🙂

Here are some pictures of the steers. Although, I was having a hard time keeping the steers stay still long enough to take a picture. 🙂

image Sorry this one is a little blurry 😦 But, I hope you agree with me that these calves are pretty cute.


Click image for larger view!

Our steers are in between seven and eight hundred pounds right now. Our goal is to get our steers around 1370 lbs at fair. Our fair will be somewhere between the beginning to the middle of August

What do we look for in a 4-H calf?

Every person has their preference as to what they like in their calf, but I will tell you what Colton and I look for in ours (although, even we sometimes have different views on a calf). When looking for a calf, we look for: Spring of rib (nice and wide through the body), carries down deep into the flank (look at the diagram below for different parts of the body), wide in the rump, big boned, nicely muscled, and longer bodied.  These are the main things I am looking for in my steer.

beef parts 1

Sorry everybody; I couldn’t figure out how to make this image any larger, so if you want it larger, just click!

January 2nd, every kid who has a 4-H steer, will take their steer to weigh in. At weigh in, every steer is weighed and gets a 4-H tag. The tag is just  an I.D. to show that, that certain calf is a 4-H calf. When the steers get to fair, they will all be weighed again. That way, everybody can see how much their 4-H steer grew from weigh in to fair.

My job with my steer is to get him all tamed down and halter broke for fair. I will do lots of working with my steer when summer hits. Walking him every day and washing him. But, I will tell you more about that when the time comes. 🙂

I think that’s all for now. 🙂 I will keep you updated on our steers and let you know what their names are and all that fun stuff! 🙂 God Bless!